The Season for Spiritual Friendships

October brings crisp air and colourful nature all around us. This is also the season when many UCM students engage in spiritual friendships. Spiritual friendships have always been a high value in our UCM culture. What does that look like?

As Jesus’ workers on campuses, we are inspired to see how Jesus invested the majority of his time investing in 12 disciples, who he equipped and empowered for ministry, but not without first entering into genuine friendship with them. Campus workers across B.C. meet with students and invite them to share their life and faith journey with them, and in turn help them to learn to listen to the call of Jesus in their life. Flowing out of that, many students themselves have found this to be crucial in their faith journey, that they have extended this same invitation to their UCM friends and classmates who may be interested in faith.

If you believe in ministry based in real relationships, consider joining us on your campus. We’d love to connect with you. Fill in our contact card: