Opening Doors

One of the greatest joys of campus ministry is the opportunity to reach people who might never step into a church. Here is an encouraging story from one of our UCM student leaders:

I have a dark past. But God found me in this darkness and didn’t give up on me. He poured His love out on me and I am now a UCM leader on my campus. Not only did God heal and restore me, he has used my story to reach others. I gave my testimony at a club meeting, how God brought me back to Him. One of my classmates, Josh, came to this meeting. He had never been to church before and grew up in an atheist home. He was able to relate to my story – our childhoods had some striking similarities. He realized that there was something different about me – that despite the troubles of my past, I was at peace. John asked me how he could feel this peace as well. Over the past three weeks, Josh has come to every club meeting. He has come to our weekly Bible studies. He and I have been meeting one-on-one every Friday. He hasn’t taken that final step to give his life to Christ, but he is praying that God will show him the way. He has such a thirst for truth and I feel so honored and humbled that God would use me to bring light into his life. "

Please join us in praying for all of our UCM students. Christian students have a unique opportunity to engage with seekers in a safe space. And if you are a seeker yourself, we encourage you that UCM is a place where there are many people open to real relationships and to walking with you as you explore spiritual questions.