Welcome Back, Students!

Another summer is coming to an end, and bringing with it a return to the fall season. For many of you, that means learning where your new classes are, buying textbooks, and hopefully… reconnecting with your UCM community.

Summer can be a time of refreshing and reconnecting. It can also be a difficult time spiritually when we are out of our routine and miss some of our regular connections. Wherever you are at, we want to welcome you back. Come say hi at your group’s opening events and sign-up tables, and even consider helping us welcome new people.

If you're entering university for the very first time, welcome to UCM! Please let us encourage you that joining a community of faith at the start of your time on campus is one of the best choices you can make. Being connected to a faith community provides friendship and spiritual guidance during a time of significant transition, wherever you are on your faith journey when you start. Please fill out the contact card on joinucm.org to connect with your campus group.